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The Top 10 Reasons to Call an Electrician in Auckland

By April 13, 2018No Comments

Unless your skills in fixing electrical problems are beyond the level of a do-it-yourself amateur, you are well advised to call a professional electrician in Auckland like Lloyd Electrical. If you discover any of the following symptoms, call an electrician before you injure yourself or your home is damaged by fire, smoke and water.

You find yourself in the dark

If circuit breakers are constantly tripping or fuses seem to be blowing all the time, chances are your circuits are overloading, that or there is a fault in one of them.

Your home is getting on in years

Is your home over 40 years old? If so it could be a safety concern, especially if the electrical system has never been upgraded. Call an electrician and schedule an inspection right away.

Flickering lights

Are small appliances causing lamps to flicker on and off? When the air conditioner kicks in, do the ceiling lights suddenly grow dim? This indicates a problem with wiring or circuits and needs immediate attention.

Days of moisture and rust

Any sign of this under or on the main service panel is an indication deterioration is taking place. This suggests danger to the main wiring connections and, possibly, throughout the entire electrical system.

Too many multi-receptacles

Are your outlets loaded with add-on power strips? Don’t over do it or you could be asking for trouble. Maybe it’s time for an electrician to add additional outlets.

Watch for water

Any place in your home which may get wet, such as bathrooms and the kitchen, need to have outlets protected by Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, or GFCI, in accordance with Auckland electrical code.

Bumpy rugs

Do you have extension and/or power cords running beneath rugs or carpet? If, so you need to have more outlets installed as this could create a dangerous situation in your home.

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