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4 Common Electric Problems That Require Prompt Attention

By April 13, 2018No Comments

Flip the switch and the lights come on. Until they don’t. The power of electricity is often taken for granted until problems arise. And, unfortunately, the power which offers so much benefit to our homes becomes a danger when not working properly. When your power is on the fritz, you have no time to delay in fixing it, for your convenience and your safety. But, how do you know when to call a local Auckland electrician? Check out these four common electric problems that require prompt attention.

1. Tripping Breakers

Protecting your home from damage, breakers trip to warn of problems in a circuit and protect wiring by shutting off electrical flow. With continual tripping, the danger to your electrical system and home rises. Overheating and even electrical fires result.

Circuit overload, short circuit or a ground fault may lie at the root of this electric problem. An electrician in Auckland offering professional electrical services safely diagnoses and repairs the problem.

2. Partial Power Loss

If you lose power to an area of your home without tripping breakers, a circuit is broken or damaged somewhere. Left unrepaired this electric problem not only causes the inconvenient loss of lighting but could lead to electrical fire.

Due to the difficulty and risk in locating the underlying issue, contacting an electrical services company to make a quick diagnosis and repair to your wiring is the safest bet. While you may be tempted to save a few bucks, this repair is not a DIY fix.

3. Unusual Noises in the Panel

Running well, your electrical panel remains quiet. On the contrary, noises such as sizzling, crackling or popping send an urgent warning to you as a homeowner. Arising from arcing electricity in the wiring, these sounds indicate imminent danger to your home and family.

Whether caused by faulty breakers, loose connections or worn insulation, noise coming from your panel prompts an immediate call to a qualified Auckland electrician. Indeed, this electrical wiring hazard is one which does not wait for you to tinker your way to a solution.

4. Change in Light Intensity

Lighting which runs brighter than usual or dims in comparison to its usual intensity gets your attention. And, while you may shrug it off as an annoying electrical problem, the truth is, this is serious.

Power fluctuations which cause changes in lighting intensity cause major damage to your electrical system and the fixtures plugged into it. Unplug sensitive electronics and pick up the phone. Leaving this electric problem to the pros offering qualified electrical services is the right call.

For help with electric problems, contact us for proper diagnosis and repair. At Lloyd Electrical, we offer the expertise to keep your home functioning and safe. Contact us today! 

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