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Why future proof your home?

It saves money, time and energy

Technology is changing rapidly. Two years from now,what’s currently ‘in’ will be passé. Imagine trying to update your home every five years, with all the expense of massive wiring projects and new appliances? This can plunge you into debt if you are not smart enough. And don’t forget the time and energy it will take to fix things thereafter. So, isn’t it smarterto beprepared than suffer the consequences later?

To make living easier and comfortable

Imagine arriving home to a warm houseon a cold winter’s day, your bathtub already filled with water to your preferred temperature. And all because you organised it while on your way home! Imagine your TV switching on to your favourite channel as soon as you sit on the couch. Who would not want that after a long tiring day?

To keep up with recent trends

Looking back, remember how CDs and cassettes were once a craze? And before that, floppy discs. Then came the craze for CD-rewriting drives and different kinds of internet connections from wires to broadband. We know thatas things start to changequickly, everyonepicks up the new ‘good things’ and the old ones lose their charm. People who aren’t trend-savvy are forced to keep up unless they want to miss out on the benefits.

Trends to look for in future-proofing your homes

Make your home "smarter" through home control automation

It is increasingly clear the smart technology will revolutionise our homes in the coming years . Homeowners will be able to remotely control such things as lighting, heating and AC, security and home surveillance systems and appliances via a smartphone or a computer. These installations do not have to be expensive, but if expense is a problem, there are many companies who provide free equipment and installation in exchange for a monthly user fee.

Entertainment cables

Statistics indicate that by 2022, the average home will have 500 smart home devices, some of which will require considerable bandwidth. Devices such as gaming consoles and smart security systems with HD video outputs will quickly outstrip your wireless bandwidth supply.

So it is essential, if you’re doing renovations or building extensions, to put spare cableor conduits in the walls. You will be thankful later. And if you’re doing a new install, you should install power lines, CAT6 Ethernet cables, HDMI, coax cables, and phone jacks to every entertainment point as a minimum. And make sure you still leave some empty conduits for retrofits in the future!

Smart room interiors to fit in any new appliances

Over time, the size of our appliances is also changing. Who would have thought our fridges and TVs would be as big as they are today, or that computers would reduce in size? Some of the coming trends to look for are Amazon Cloud Cam, Smart Thermostat and Smart Home Lock Kit.

And it is not just the size of the technology, we also need space to use it. Virtual reality experiences which are becoming so popular, need space to let you jump, move, and dance!

Protect yourself against internet downtime

Ten years from now, everything will work off the internet. Imagine if something happens to your internet or the speed is slow – your whole electrical system will not work or even worse, may collapse. You would not be able to use your lights, arm your alarm, or operate the washing machine.

Use of energy efficient lights and appliances

The demand for electricity will lead to the increased use of appliances that consume less energy, including smart LED lights and smart switches. In 2012, about 49 million LEDs were installed in the U.S. alone, saving about $675 million in annual energy costs.

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