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Indoor and Outdoor Lighting: Save Money and Energy With LED

By April 16, 2018No Comments

Forget Superman, LED lighting is the real-life saviour for households all across the world. It not only saves you money, but it also saves energy allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint without having to endure complete darkness every night. From outdoor lighting to indoor lighting, garden lighting to garage lighting, it’s fast become the go-to choice for all illumination requirements.

Standard Light Bulb vs LED

Incandescent bulbs are fast becoming obsolete in the age of eco-friendliness due to how much energy they consume for the light they produce. The LED alternatives trump them in every single way that counts, being lighter and brighter while keeping the electrical bills down. While they may cost slightly more to purchase, manufacturing technologies are continually dropping those prices.

What You Can Save

Believe it or not, every incandescent light bulb you regularly use in your home can cost over $20 a year to keep running. When you think of how many you have in your home right now or the amount of outdoor lighting you have, those costs add up. LED bulbs, on the other hand, cost under $4 each – and don’t need to be replaced as often! Energywise has developed this outstanding tool so you can calculate exactly how much you save for every bulb you upgrade to LED.

Where Should I Install LED Lighting?

Everywhere you have a light bulb, you can replace it with LED lighting. It’s really that simple. Most, if not all, LED light bulbs don’t require adaptors to fit into existing ports so you can match the bulb to your existing installations.

How Many Electricians Does It Take To Change an LED Light Bulb?

None! You can do it yourself, much like you do with your existing light bulbs. In saying that, Lloyd Electrical are on hand for the trickier installations, like downlight replacements and sockets in hard-to-reach places, so give us a call if you ever need help.

Other Benefits of LED Lighting

They’re cool. LED bulbs won’t heat up like incandescent bulbs will. This minimises fire risks and reduces energy output.

They’re durable. You won’t find a flimsy filament on an LED bulb and they can take much more of a beating than standard lighting.&nbsp

They’re mercury-free. Long gone are the days when doctors thought mercury was good for you. You’ll find none of the poisonous metal anywhere on LED bulbs.

They’re versatile. You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the volume of LED designs and, luckily for you, Lloyd Electrical have plenty of variations to choose from. If you need indoor or outdoor lighting, there’s most likely an LED solution available.

If you have any questions about LED lighting, our expert team of Auckland electricians is more than happy to answer them. Get in touch with us today by calling (09) 415 7075.

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