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Top 10 Rules for Electric Safety

By April 13, 2018No Comments

If you have small children or pets, then it’s important to make sure that your home is electrically safe. Exposed outlets and wires are one of the leading causes for serious injury or death among infants, small children and even pets. According to Alliant Energy Kids, here are the top 10 rules for electric safety for safer and more child- or pet-proof homes. These are also good electric safety rules to teach your children so that they can be smart about safety too:

Don’t over-plug a single outlet

Never plug a bunch of different wires and cords into one single outlet or extension cord. It could damage the electrical system in your house and is a major fire hazard. It is also a waste of energy and not very environmentally friendly.

Keep electrical cords out of reach

Keep electrical cords out of reach of curious babies and toddlers and teething pets. Make sure that all electrical cords are tucked away and kept neat and tidy. Otherwise, teething babies and pets can chew on them, not knowing any better, and people might even trip on them and fall.

Keep children and pets away from any electrical fences

Make sure that children and pets are kept away from any electrical fences and, in the case of children, they know never to touch or climb them. Call the electric company if a ball or pet gets inside the fence, or tell your children to call the nearest grown-up to do so. The electric company will come and help them. They should know they don’t have to try to get it themselves as it is extremely dangerous.

Don’t yank cords out of the outlet

Pulling on a cord too hard can damage the appliance, whether the plug or the outlet, so don’t yank cords out of the outlet.

Be smart about power lines

Looking out for power lines is an important outdoor electric safety tip. If your child is out flying kites, make sure there aren’t any power lines or substations nearby, as kites can conduct electricity and send it down to your child on the ground. Also tell your child to look out for power lines if they are out climbing trees.

Be smart about thunderstorms

Thunderstorm safety is another important outdoor electric safety tip. If your child is outside swimming and you see a bolt of lightning, or even if you hear a clap of thunder, get them out of the water and as far away from the water as possible. Also, if you and your child are caught outside in a thunderstorm, don’t wait it out under a tree. Get away from any trees and to the nearest shelter.

Keep electrical equipment away from water

Make sure that all electrical cords, wires, or equipment are kept away from any water. Most indoor electrical incidents happen because people use electricity near water.

Don’t put metal in outlets

Make sure that your child is not putting anything metal inside of outlets, such as forks.

Use safety caps

To expand on the last point, always put safety caps on all unused electrical outlets. Covering outlets will not only keep your children and pets safer, it will help save you energy by stopping cold drafts from getting in your home.

When in doubt, ask a grown up

Tell your child that if you are not nearby and they have a question or problem related to electricity, or if they need to use something that’s electrical but don’t know how, that they should always ask the nearest grown-up for assistance. If they can’t find a nearby grownup, then they shouldn’t try it on their own.

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