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Top 10 Rules When Working With Electrical Equipment

By April 11, 2018No Comments

Unless you are experienced in working with electrical problems always call on the services of a professional electrical services company. But given that you’re going to be in situations which require you to work with electrical equipment, always follow these 10 rules.

Rule #1
Before you repair or service electrical equipment be sure you have disconnected it from it’s power source.

Rule #2
Don’t use tools that have handles that are not insulated. Non-insulated handles can pass electricity from the tool through your body causing injury or death.

Rule #3
When handling electrical devices assume they are live and energised.

Rule #4
Treat all energised electrical circuits as if your life depended upon not coming into contact with them.

Rule #5
If any part of your body or clothing is wet, do not touch any electrical device or equipment that is plugged in.

Rule #6
If at all possible try and perform work on electrical equipment with one hand. Keep your free hand in your pocket and away from anything that might conduct electricity.

Rule #7
When working with electrical devices unplug them or shut off the power if any chemical or water comes into contact with it.

Rule #8
Never touch an electrical device with anything metallic such as pens or tape measures. Be sure and remove all jewelry from your person. These types of material may conduct electricity.

Rule #9
If someone in your immediate area comes into contact with live electricity, you cannot help them if you touch either the person or the source of the electricity. Before you do anything else disconnect the power source or trip the circuit breaker.

Rule #10
Rooms that are extremely cold create conditions of condensation and the moisture from this is conducive to electricity.

Other things to be cautious with: not touching equipment others are working on, or when standing on a wet floor; if a device tingles there may be a short; enclose electrical contacts to avoid accidents; drain all capacitors; don’t handle defective circuits; disconnect high voltage sources; de-energise experimental circuits; don’t wear loose clothing; keep flammable liquids away from electrical devices; know your wiring scheme.

Lloyd Electrical is a proven and reputable Auckland electrical service company. Our advice is to always follow these rules when you must handle electrical equipment. For those circumstances that fall beyond you experience and skill level of working with electrical service and you require the services of a trustworthy professional be sure and contact us.

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