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Five Frequent Problems With Network Wiring and Connections

By April 11, 2018No Comments

When it comes to troubleshooting electrical problems associated with sophisticated networking systems it is not always a question of failures or malfunctions in the hardware. More often than you might imagine Auckland electricians have discovered that the problems may be attributed to the wiring and/or connections that enable the network to perform properly over a multi-platform system. Sometimes, it may even be something as simple as wiring and connection issues in the electrical system itself. Usually, though, these types of problems manifest in one or more of the following five categories.

Problems With Incorrect Identification or Labeling

There are situations that arise during troubleshooting wiring and connection problems where mistakes in identification and labeling lead to a faulty diagnosis. This can be easily corrected with software that serves to keep track of complex wiring schemes, and by properly labeling both the wires and the terminal blocks based upon their destination.

Problems With Electrical Interfaces

It is not uncommon for both digital and analog signals to suffer from diminished integrity due to interference from powerful electromagnetic fields generated by industrial applications. This can easily be corrected by rerouting affected cables away from areas of interference and to encase them in a conduit that is both grounded and shielded.

Problems With Stress and Flexibility

Any time there are situations where there is repetitive movement, wires may be subject to fatigue and possibly even breakage. Try to avoid this type of movement and make sure to use wires that are highly stranded.

Problems With Moisture and Corrosion

These can occur from both natural and man-made causes. Anything from airborne chemicals from cleaning products to salt spray may hasten corrosion in terminal blocks. Be sure to fully enclose any contact parts made of metal in fully enclosed blocks.

Problems With Loose Wiring Due to Vibration

Often, problems are as simple as wires — subject to too much vibration from industrial applications — loosen and disrupt the connection. There are a variety of connections to alleviate these types of problems. Everything from terminal blocks equipped with spring clamps to screw-down connections.

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